Best Car Lease Deal – A Beetle Or A Mini Cooper?

When it comes to buying cars, the very first thing that comes to mind is brand. What makes a car reliable? Brand name? Form factor? Or the way it functions? In the case of the Beetle and Mini Cooper, this can actually turn out to be a tough debate. The best car lease deal after all is neither one nor the other. Why? Because of the fan base that each of these cars has managed to collect over the decades.

An economy car first built in 1938 by the German automaker Volkswagen, it seems that the Beetle (or the “Bug” as some others might refer to it) really has stuck it out over the many years as a best car lease deal. Think about it; production of the beetle went on until the year 2003 (give or take a few years when newer models weren’t introduced). Dubbed “The People’s Car” (Volks-Wagen), this basic vehicle can seat about two adults and three children, probably one more in its more recent form. Perhaps the most famous of Beetles were the ones that came out in the late 60s to the early 1970s. These Super Beetles sported large rear windows, large front brakes, and a few rows of vents on the engine. In 2000, the Beetle took another form of bug. It clearly is different but the traditional form factor can’t be mistaken since it really only is an update. But a sweet update it is and that makes it one of the best car lease deal options until today. The reason? It’s fun to look at and it’s fun to drive.

The Mini Cooper, on the other hand, is really something quite strange. It looks really nice and compact, it does look sexy at an angle and its current version does seem to make it look like it can handle an Italian job. But the sad fact is that it doesn’t perform too well. Handling is shabby, it’s not very strong at all, and you would probably need to overhaul or replace the engine just to have it boost a little quicker. Again, the mini cooper as a best car lease deal? You have to believe it. This is one of those machines that have received a cult-following in recent history like no other. It’s most popular in the UK but ever since that movie the Italian Job came out, they’ve been selling like hotcakes stateside as well. Design-wise it never really changed, unlike the Beetle. But that also seems to be the case with its performance. At least the Beetle runs a lot smoother now than ever before. You be the judge. Are you a Beetle or Mini Cooper fan? This is a best car lease deal that has no real answer on which is better.

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